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   English   &

        After School Enhanced Training  

We encourage our students to join our After-School Enhanced Training (ASET) program designed to strengthen their proficiency in English and French.  ASET has been proven to benefit students from a wide variety of language backgrounds.

Lack a clear foundation of English or French
Ideal for Students Who?

Need extra supports

in English or French

Strengthening vocabularies
     Building sentences structure
    Confident pronunciation
    Speaking proficiency
        Reading comprehension

ASET program focusses on:
Exercises in vocabularies and building sentences:

Reading practice:  

Reading comprehension:

Grammar exercises:

Writing exercises:

Homework support:

Homework review:

The above daily schedule is for one language only.          

Two days per week: two hours in one day in English class, and two hours in one day in French class.

One day per week: two hours of English, and two hours of French.

Two hours in one day per week to join English class.

Two hours in one day per week to join French class.

Per session: 2 hours, including:

There are a variety of options:

Students are welcome to start at any point during the year!

ASET classes take place from 3:30pm to 8:30pm (Monday to Friday)                      and 10am to 6pm (Saturday and Sunday).                            An advanced reservation is recommended as spaces may be limited.

 All age groups between kindergarten and Grade 12.

All levels: basic, intermediate and advanced.

Professional and experienced instructors who are native of English or French and hold master degrees.

Cutting-edge and innovative teaching methods.

English and French: meets and exceeds the requirements of the British Columbia curriculum.

French: Meets the requirements of the DELF certificate.

Customized student progress.

Forty-five minutes of homework after each class will be assigned to each student.

15 minutes
15 minutes
15 minutes
15 minutes
30 minutes
20 minutes
10 minutes

It may vary depending on the needs of the students.



performance  at school 

Increased confidence
A more solid foundation in English and  French

  Enhanced    study habits

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Our Instructors

Our English instructors are all native English speakers with master degrees or above. They are also licensed teachers in Canada or the United  States.

Our French instructors are all native French speakers with master degrees or above. They are experienced in teaching French as a second language.

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